How The Right Dining Room Table Can Bring The Family Together

Posted on August 28th, 2017 by Designer Furniture Gallery.

How The Right Dining Room Table Can Bring The Family Together

There is no better way to gather as a family every day than sitting down together and sharing a good meal. Families can share stories of the day, laughs, daily troubles and triumphs. Studies confirm that families who regularly eat together at least one meal per day benefits each family member’s mental, spiritual and physical health. The conversations shared during unplugged face-to-face time improve vocabulary and familial relationships.

With all that being said, your dining room is one of the most meaningful and important rooms you’ll design in your home! Here are some tips to pick the perfect dining room furniture to bring together the ones you love most.

Let’s begin with size. Know the number of people that are usually hosted in your dining area and what the size of the area will permit as far as furniture and people go. Keep in mind that designers recommend a 30” minimum space between the table edge and the wall/hutch/cabinet/etc for chairs/stools/benches/etc.

When choosing a shape for your table there are so many options. A round table takes up a smaller amount of square footage and provides a more intimate dining experiences with your family and guests. If you usually have a larger number of people, you’ll want to lean more toward a square or rectangle shape table in order to accommodate more people.

Mix up the seating around the table. A bench can fit lots of little bottoms and is easy to climb in and out of for the younger kids. Chairs with arms are easier for the elderly to sit in and stand up from. A mix of seating is visually pleasing and provides opportunity for flexibility and movement.

Pick a design that you aren’t afraid to use again and again. Steer clear of fancy high gloss finishes that show every scratch and blemish. Also, try to avoid chairs with fabric seats. If your dining room is a place to gather and dine on a regular basis with all ages stick with a furniture design that hides nicks and dents and is easy to clean and maintain. Go with a style that matches your tastes, not just something that is trendy. You want to make your furniture purchases last many years with the people you love and provide a space where many memories are created without deteriorating too quickly or falling apart.

We carry many options for you to choose from when designing your dining area. Stop by our showroom and let one of our professionals help you create a space your family can enjoy for many years to come.

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