How To Save Your Back When Moving Furniture

Posted on October 31st, 2017 by Designer Furniture Gallery.

Physical injuries resulting from heavy lifting can unfortunately sometimes last a lifetime. Too many unnecessary unjuries occur because of lifting objects, such as furniture, without suitable lifting technique. Taking on too much weight without using your legs properly and adding too much strain to your spine can take a serious toll on your body! Don’t risk the health of your back or legs for a day of moving furniture. We have some tips for you when it comes to this type of heavy lifting.

If the job is big enouch, get help! Heavy furniture and appliances will need some extra hands to not only keep your back in tact but to avoid damaging the items themselves. Plan to ask some buddies for help in advance or even hire a professional. The small fee you’ll pay will pale in comparison to years of doctor visits, therapies and medications due to a sustained back injury.

Whether the job is small or large scale, use back saving equipment such as a dolly or shoulder dolly, lifting straps and sliders. A dolly is a cheap item to rent from your local hardware store and will save you a ton of weight on your back! Should dollies are straps that you wear that will force weight onto your larger muscle groups and allow free movement of your hands while lifting. They can be found for a great price on amazon and are worth their weight in gold. Plus they are easy to fold up and store for future use. You can also save your back from unnecessary lifting if the piece of furniture you are moving can be wrapped in a moving blanket or put onto sliders (moving sliders or items such as frisbees or a skateboard) and slid from location to location without lifting. If possible, disassemble some of the pieces and move in smaller items of weight.

Remember that anytime you lift, whether with help or alone, there are a few key factors to remember to save yourself from back pain or injury. First and foremost, know your limits! If you are confident you (or you and others) can lift the item be sure to squat down and lift from your legs. Never lift heavy items from a standing bent position or with locked knees. Remember to breath and utilize your core to give yourself more evened strength. Moving or relocating furniture and appliances can be a headache so make sure to follow these tips in order to easily avoid a backache too!

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