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Posted on September 11th, 2017 by Designer Furniture Gallery.

There is a familiar scenario for those who find designing and decorating their home a chore.


Things start out so well, ideas are flowing and it seems so easy to spruce up the house. Pinterest is your jam and you know everything you want can be found at a yard sale. With some work and DIY tutorials, those yard sale “gems” can be polished up.


Then you start looking at wall colors, measuring the room, and trying to calculate where the “dream couch” can actually fit. The coffee table you refinished has uneven coverage. Then the whole project stalls as you find out that DIY is pretty expensive if you don’t already own thousands of specialty tools.


Stories like this are fairly common when people come in to talk to our designers. So while you are weighing your design options, consider these things before you engage in your next room makeover project.


Experts Help Smooth Room Renovations


Unless you make a living flipping houses, you likely do not do not renovate your rooms all that often. This can make it difficult for you to foresee everything that can crop up during your room re-imagining.


While an interior designer may not be able to foresee all the issues that can happen during a remodel, they have the experience to deal with problems quickly. And they can likely make sure the solution fits within the project budget.


Designers Know Local Code Laws


You don’t necessarily need a designer to pick out quality furniture but there are other household aspects that can benefit from an interior designer who knows local building code regulations.


  • Lighting – Plenty of older homes have single dome lighting and owners want a more updated, brighter look. But wiring regulations can be strict as many house fires are caused by improper wiring practices. An interior designer can help you identify if your house needs extra work to install different kinds of light fixtures.
  • Wall removal – Opening up a room by removing a wall seems like a fairly straight forward task. But it can be tricky for the uninitiated. There are load-bearing walls which cannot be removed without threatening the structural integrity of the house. Other walls which have wires and pipes running through them. An expert designer can identify which walls can be safely removed or trimmed.
  • Flooring – Depending on what kind of flooring you have or want to install, it may affect how you furnish the room. Hardwood floors may need an inspection for termite and dry rot damage. Without it, new, heavy furniture may stress the flooring.


No matter how big or small a change you want for your home furnishing, an interior designer can take your chore and turn it into a masterpiece.

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