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Posted on February 22nd, 2018 by Designer Furniture Gallery.

When you have a huge variety of furniture to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start when decorating your home. Because of this, it is important to nail down your color scheme so you don’t end up purchasing home furnishing pieces which clash with your overall room design.

Use This Basic Color Formula For Color Scheme Success

The most simple interior designer formula is to have the darkest colors on the floor, medium grade colors on the walls, and to have a light colored ceiling. This will help create a spacious feeling to any room as darker colors can be confining when applied to the walls and ceiling.

Some rooms which really benefit from the illusion of spaciousness are your more “public” rooms like your dining room and living rooms, where you are more likely to have company. These rooms are more likely to have large pieces of furniture like couches and dining tables which can take up a good deal of space. So you may want to use the above color formula to visually maximize your spaces.

Give A Monochromatic Furniture A Pop Of Color

Choosing a monochromatic color scheme is an easy way to make sure your interior design won’t clash with each other. However, it can come off a bit cold and imposing, especially as many monochromatic themes trend towards all white, black, or shades of grey.

Adding a pop or two of color is an excellent way to break up the imposing effect of a monochromatic room. If you choose only one or two room accessories to bring in color, they likely won’t clash with your monochromatic color scheme but actually enhance the effect while making the room more inviting.

Color Neighbors Compliment Each Other

Similar to the monochromatic color scheme is the color design effects of using color neighbors to decorate a room. If you pick up a paint color palette, there is a gradient of colors available. Moving along the gradient, you can select items in that color scheme which will complement each other but not be the exact same shade.

When you turn to the color wheel as a whole, you can use that to find complementary colors as well. For instance, the color green is bordered by blue and yellow. Within those two colors are a gradient of colors which can complement the overall green color scheme. This can create a very comfortable and relaxed feel to a room, which is best for more private rooms like personal bedrooms.

Artwork Is A Great Starting Place To Start Picking Furniture

If you just aren’t certain where you want to start your interior design process, you can always start with art! Instead of trying to find artwork to complement your room, pull design idea and the color scheme of the room from your artwork.

If you have simple print artwork, you can easily select items which will match the few colors in the print. For more complex pieces of art, choose the most dominant colors and design elements to work with and find furnishing from that point.

To make sure you find exactly what you want, be sure to stop by our design center. Our designers can help you craft the perfect furniture, from the color to the fabric type so you can make your home fit your unique style.

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