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Spring Living: Ideas for When and How to Decorate

Spring Living: Ideas for When and How to Decorate for Spring 2022

Spring is the perfect time to re-energize and update your home with new accessories and decorations. From seasonal curtains and throws to wall art and décor, you can modernize your home with a unique flair for the season and beyond.  But we are often asked, “When should I start decorating for spring?”  Although there is no hard-and-fast rule about the most appropriate time to decorate for spring, we understand the desire to be through with winter. We suggest thinking about your spring d ....

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Not Sleeping? 3 Reasons Why it Could be Your Matt

Not Sleeping? 3 Reasons Why it Could be Your Mattress

Not being able to sleep can be frustrating. Especially when you don’t know the cause. Getting quality sleep every night is vital to living and functioning at your best. Sleep is a reliable tool for: reducing stress improving memory enhancing productivity hormone balancing Poor sleep can be a recipe for disaster, and many things can result in insomnia. However, one thing people may not consider plays a role in poor sleep quality is their mattress. If you turn and toss ....

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How to Choose the Best Sofa Material for Your Sofa

When it comes to making investments in our living space, choosing the right sofa is no small task. It’s the first place we retreat to after a busy day of errands, where we’re at the edge of our seat, binge watching our favorite shows and where we reconnect with old friends over a warm cup of tea. A lot happens there. So naturally a lot of thought is going to go into choosing the right style, size and material. While the first two criteria can be narrowed down pretty quickly with a keen eye ....

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Top Furniture Trends for 2022!

Top Furniture Trends for 2022!

Having spent so much time at home over the last few years, it’s only normal for some of us to start feeling like the furniture in our homes has gotten a bit stale. Let’s start 2022 off with a facelift to our homes! Check out some of these trends that may work in your living space.  Keep an eye out for the icon for the ideas that could help save you some money! 1. Mix and Match With all of the furniture options out there, it’s important to remember that different furniture styles can ....

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Our Journey

Serving Southern Utah For The Last 30 Years

Designer Furniture Gallery founded in 1983 by local residents of Southern Utah Ken & Terese Mangum. DFG started out as a small second-hand store located on the corner of 200 South In the small town of St. George. The small company quickly outgrew its location and moved across town to 540 E Tabernacle St. George along with the change in location the company also branded itself as Mangum's Furniture Outlet.                            ....

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