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Realtor Rewards

Realtor Rewards Program

REALTOR® Rewards Program

New furniture for your clients and rewards for you as well!

Rather than spending hundreds of your own dollars on gift certificates and other thank-you gifts for your clients, let Designer Furniture Gallery issue a gift card in your name! This mutually beneficial program allows us to put our name and brand in the hands of new homebuyers, and it allows you to give your clients a valuable gift at no personal cost! In fact, you can even earn rewards every time you utilize this program!

How It Works

  1. Agents: Complete the form below
  2. Choose whether to pick up the gift card to deliver to your clients directly or have us mail the gift card
  3. The gift card amount will be determined by purchase price
  4. To show our gratitude, you will accumulate points the first time your client makes a purchase and uses their gift certificate!
Realtor Rewards Gift Levels

We look forward to working with you!

Membership in our Rewards Program is limited to the top real estate agents and other professionals who wish to offer an added incentive to their client during the home buying experience. Rest assured, our knowledgeable design consultants and staff will be committed to offering an exceptional buying experience to meet the needs of your clients. Designer Furniture Gallery has built a solid reputation serving its clients for over three decades, offering our customers the best quality products, with the best customer service, at the best possible price!

Realtor Rewards Point Levels


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