Spring is the perfect time to re-energize and update your home with new accessories and decorations. From seasonal curtains and throws to wall art and décor, you can modernize your home with a unique flair for the season and beyond. 

But we are often asked, “When should I start decorating for spring?” 

Although there is no hard-and-fast rule about the most appropriate time to decorate for spring, we understand the desire to be through with winter. We suggest thinking about your spring decorating ideas around the beginning of April. 

Spring Decorating Ideas 

Before we dive into all the potential ways to decorate for spring, it is essential to pick a color pallet to center your spring décor around. 

Most people think of the pastel palette for spring, but other options may work better for what you already have in your home. For some fresh spring color ideas, you may consider: 

  • Vibrant floral tones including coral, marigold, teal, violet, or periwinkle 
  • Earth tones such as dark green, browns, tans, or neutrals 

Or you may wish to stick to the traditional pastel colors such as sky blue, pale yellow, or lavender. 

No matter what color palette you choose, stay consistent with your choices to create the most cohesive look and feel for your home. 

1. Spring Wall Art and Accessories for A Pop of Color 

Wall art is one of the best ways to change up the look and feel of a room. Use pieces that fit your chosen spring color scheme, and you will instantly transform the room's atmosphere and boost its appeal. 

Some ways to add a touch of spring with artwork include:

Going coastal: Coastal decorations are all the rage right now. Add some of these to your home, and you will instantly feel like you have been transported to the beach.

Living room with a view: Whether it is a statement landscape piece of art or a simple painting of flowers, set the stage in your lounge area with a view of some sort. It's perfect for entertaining and makes a great conversation piece when guests come over.

New and fresh: Start with contemporary art and accessories if you are not quite ready to decorate but feel like something is missing. Over time, you can swap out new décor and accessories such as throw pillows, clocks, and other knick knacks to suit your needs.

Flowers: Nothing says spring more than a room filled with fresh flowers. Are allergies a concern? Try some wooden flowers or even some silk ones. They are allergen-free and will last a lifetime.

2. Refresh with Spring Accents

To refresh your home, it can help when you have new or refurbished pieces to add. Here is a list of accessories that can help you with spring refresh:

Accent Chairs: Accent chairs are always a great way to add beauty to a room without looking cluttered. Choose from modern or vintage styles depending on the theme of your home décor.

Throw Pillows: Throw pillows are a must-have to give your home décor a new spring look and feel. Get these with a geometric or floral pattern and see how they liven up your space.

Floor Pillows: Floor pillows are the perfect pick for any decorating scheme. Plus, it’s a convenient way to add more seating to your space.

Window Treatments: A great way to refresh a room's look is with curtains of different colors and styles. Go modern or traditional, choose sheer or opaque… the choice is yours!

Throw Blankets: Add comfort and style to your sitting room with a throw blanket. Throws will bring class to any lounge without breaking the bank.

Spring Specific Décor: Change up your décor for the season with spring décor items, including Easter eggs, spring wreaths, and more. These pieces are especially loved because they can be used year-round in any room of your house—even outdoors.

3. Spruce Up Your Bedroom Space for Spring

A bedroom newly decorated with a teal throw blanket, neutral drapery, wall art, and flowers for springtime.

While decorating the whole home is a great way to refresh the look, you can choose only to spruce up the bedroom. There are many bedding styles and colors that can work for spring.

Start with Updating Bedding and Linens: 

Bed Sheets and Pillowcases: White is a beautiful color for spring and can make any room feel elegant and classy. If you are going for a girly look, try pairing white bedding with soft pastel or flower patterns and matching pillows.

Duvet Covers: A duvet cover is perfect for keeping your temperature at a comfortable level that allows you to sleep throughout the night. Choose from various colors like red, green, yellow, and even muted tones for spring.

Sheets and Pillowcases: Choose from vibrant colors like yellow or purple and light pastels like pink or blue to add a spring and a pop of color to your bedroom space.

Bed Comforter: A comforter is perfect for adding a luxurious touch to your room. Choose from different colors, patterns, and thread counts to add some comfort to your bedroom space.  

Next, pick some spring touches to add to your bedroom:

Window Curtains: Refresh the look of your bunk room with new window treatments. If you are starting to see some wear and tear, this is a great way to refresh your space for spring.

Cushions and Throw Pillows: These are the perfect touch for any décor. Add color, comfort, and splurge a little with these unique additions to your bedroom. They can truly make your space reflect your personality. 

4. Spring Touches for the Kitchen

Kitchen/coffee bar decorated with yellow and light blue accents and silk flowers for a touch of spring.

For many people, the kitchen is often overlooked as a space that needs refreshing, but it does have the potential to make a huge difference to its look and feel if you choose well for it. 

Use White Accents: White is a pretty color for the kitchen and living space. It can be used all year round and give a fresh and clean feel to any décor scheme. Add some white paint or white food storage for your countertop. 

Dream in Blue: Blue is another exciting color that can be used all year round and has many different shades to choose from. Try using a light blue or dusty blue for a springtime feel in your kitchen. 

Florals: Floral patterns and designs are perfect for the kitchen. If you have been looking for a way to incorporate floral into your décor, you can do it in the kitchen with the right floral touches.

Spring Greens: Green is a fitting color for spring, yet it is underutilized in home décor schemes. Try adding some green hues to your kitchen or bathroom for a refreshing look without being overbearing.

5. Bringing Spring Vibes to Your Bathroom

Bring the outdoors inside by adding plants to the bathroom. New macrame plant holders can add an organic feel to your space.

While the bathroom is an often forgotten space for home décor, it can be a gateway for refreshing your home by adding a few simple touches. After all, we use this space every day!

Here are some suggestions for items, colors, and accent pieces you can add to bring in those spring vibes.

Add Lavender: Lavender is a beautiful and relaxing scent that will bring instant softness and comfort to your bathroom space. You can use dried lavender to bring color and a soothing scent or use lavender-tinted paint for a more permanent change.

Add Yellow: Yellow is a bright, happy color that can instantly make your bathroom space feel brighter, more comfortable, and fresher than ever before.

Flowers and Live Plants: Small touches like flowers or living plants can go a long way to giving your bathroom space some final touches of vibrancy and life.

Mirrors: Add mirrors to your bathroom space to help increase the light and brightness in the room. Mirrors can be decorative and help small spaces, like bathrooms, look and feel bigger. 

6. Add Some Springtime Fun to Your Kids' Room

Little girl plays in her bedroom with the new bedding for springtime.

Kids’ rooms are easily overlooked, but celebrating the seasons with them can bring joy to the whole house. Here are some suggestions for stepping into spring in your kids' bedroom:

Fun Colors: Try adding a pop of color to your kids' bedroom with bright shades like red or orange. It can be fun to help pick an item that fits the current color palette in their room. 

Fun Prints: Try adding fun prints with animals, flowers, or other elements that can immediately inspire a sense of playfulness in your kids' room.

Fun Accessories: Add a few playful accessories like stuffed animals, toys, and other items that can instantly spark their imagination and bring out the creative side.

7. Bring out Springtime in the Living Room

The living room is often the most frequently used space that needs refreshing, but it too can have the potential to significantly affect how you feel when you are in it. Here are some suggestions for items to add to your lounge:

Window treatments: Choose from curtains of different colors, patterns, and designs. Window shades can also help you block out light and allow you to enjoy your favorite shows in comfort.

Lighting and Lamps: Add some lighting to your living room space to help increase the brightness and warmth. Choose the proper lighting for your area—lamplights, floor lamps, ceiling lights, and even chandeliers can add that special touch.

Decorative Accent Pieces: Decorative touches can transform your living room space just as much as the other décor items. Choose from different vases, trinkets, and other fun decorative pieces for your living room to help give your space a note of uniqueness.

Plants and Flowers: Add plants to your living room space to help bring some freshness and add a touch of nature.

Don’t Be Shy, Add a Touch of Spring to Your Home Today!

As you can see, there are numerous things you can do to bring the essence of spring into your home's space. How you decorate is entirely in your hands. Don’t be afraid to go against the grain and start with colors you’ve never used before in your house. After all, spring is a time of renewal and rebirth.  

Making simple additions or changes to some décor items can considerably impact how you feel in your space and how much use and comfort it brings you.