Picture this: You’re looking around your home and feel slightly suffocated. You feel like there’s not a lot of space to move around, your dog has barely any room to play fetch, your kid’s toys are everywhere… You may be thinking to yourself, “It’s time for an upgrade, I need more space!” But then you remember your savings account. Buying a larger house or renting a bigger apartment? In this economy?? No, you decide that you should stay put. But that doesn’t solve your space problem, and you can’t take it anymore! So what do you do? 

The answer lies in how you decorate your smaller space. Believe it or not, you can strategize how you use your current furniture and accents, and even make just small investments, to make your small space that much more comfortable. Here are just a few ideas of what you can do to maximize the space in your home: 



Create the illusion of more space with a mirror. 

Take a Look in the Mirror

Using mirrors is a great way that you can make your space appear larger. We love a good optical illusion! It’s as simple as placing a large mirror on one of your walls - this will reflect light and create the illusion of more space. If you’re looking for a simple, easy, and relatively inexpensive solution, this is a great place to start. 



Utilize wall space to create more room in your home. 

Think Vertical

When you have a small space, you’ll want to take advantage of every square inch of available space. So, think vertical! Use your wall space for storage and decorations. 

Maybe you don’t need that extra end table where you keep photos of you and your loved ones. And maybe that floor plant in the corner of your room is taking up too much space. Try hanging shelves or invest in a tall storage cabinet or bookshelf. Ditch the floor plant and try a hanging one. You can even add plants and pictures to your newly installed wall shelves or tall bookshelf. 



Use creative storage options for fun hidden space to store your items. 

Get Creative

Did you know that there are a ton of different kinds of storage furniture? That’s right! There are plenty of multi-functional furniture options to choose from. 

One of the best, and arguably the most entertaining options, is a lift-top coffee table. Use it to store your remotes, blankets, laptops and chargers, and more! Plus, when you have guests over, they’ll be surprised when you lift up the table top to grab the board game you’re planning to play. Plus, it’s good fun to see everyone’s reactions! Spoiler: They’ll be very surprised. 

Not only are there storage solutions for living rooms, there are also storage options for small spare rooms and studio apartments! Consider investing in a sofa bed. This is a great solution if you’re having guests stay the night, but want to maximize your space year round. Or, if you don’t want a bed that turns into a sofa, you also have the option to consider a storage bed. This kind of bed typically includes storage drawers, making it a great option to store pajamas, extra sheets, blankets and more. 



Give your space a larger feel with neutral furniture. 

Stay Neutral

When decorating your small space, using neutral colors such as white, beige or gray can help to make it feel larger and more open. Not only that, but this strategy allows for some double duty! These colors also make it much easier to mix and match different decor items, giving you more flexibility with your decorating choices and personal style. 



Use light to make your home feel more spacious. 

Lights, Set, Action!

The lighting you use in your home can make a huge difference in how small or large your space feels. Ensure that every corner of your home is well-lit with lamps or overhead lights. Plus, lighting adds to the overall ambiance of your home, so if you really want to feel like your home is your sanctuary, it’s time to invest in some good lighting. 



Todaying up is a great way to make your space feel larger. 

Get Rid of Clutter

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again - a great first step in any home improvement endeavor is to tidy up and remove clutter! If you already have places to store your stuff, do it up. Otherwise, you may want to consider investing in one or a few pieces of storage furniture to give you more storage options. However you decide to tidy, it’ll make a huge difference in making your space feel larger and more inviting. 



Create focal points with color. 

Big and Bold Accents

While neutral colors are great for a small space, making your room feel larger and more open, don’t be afraid to add some bold accents to create focal points! Whether it is one brightly-color piece of furniture or statement wall art, using these kinds of accents in your space can really bring it to life and make your home feel that much more personalized. 

Re-working and decorating your small space doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right plan, it can be a truly fun and creative process! Plus, the end result will be worth it. Picture it - your cluttered, claustrophobic space transformed into a spacious oasis. And you can have it without moving! 


Thinking that you still might need help bringing your new vision to life? Or even having a new vision in the first place? No worries! The Designer Furniture Gallery team is here to help. Get started today, or contact us to speak to our team of designers - they have years of experience in helping customers and clients create personalized designs for their home, specializing in a variety of design styles, projects sizes and budgets. 

And there you have it. Everything you need to transform your small space into your personal sanctuary. Go forth and conquer!