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Safe Shopping

Safe Shopping

6 feet distance

The safety and wellbeing of our customers and employees is our top priority. Because of that, we are taking the necessary steps to keep our store clean and our customers healthy.

  1. Personal Appointments Call our store before your visit to schedule a personal appointment with an experienced and knowledgeable employee. This allows you to work one-on-one in a more separate setting.
  2. Disinfect Touchpoints Our staff is keeping a close eye on the frequent touchpoints around the store. We are frequently cleaning the area’s most touched points by customers and employees. This includes places like countertops, door handles, cashier kiosks, and more.
  3. Daily Deep Cleaning Other than the smaller, consistent cleaning throughout the day, we do a daily deep cleaning of the entire store. This means an enhanced cleaning routine throughout the entirety of the store to disinfect and sanitize all surfaces.
  4. Social Distancing Finally, we ask our employees and customers to do their part to ensure the health and wellbeing of themselves and those around them. We are encouraging our customers and employees alike to avoid shaking hands and to maintain a safe social distance.

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